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Owner Name: Maurice Wetters Street Address: Scheldestraat 15 Den Haag, Zuid-Holland 2515 TA Phone: 0626273233 Business Email: URL: Keywords or tags: american carwash den haag, american carwash Description: American Carwash provides a service that is unique in The Hague, The Netherlands. We wash your car inside and out with our hands, because your car is always cleaner by washing by hand than a different way. The car stays clean longer and you do not suffer from scratches. Often the interior is not included in a regular wash. We believe that a car should be clean from both the outside and inside. American Carwash therefore invites you to bring out the inner and outer beauty of your car! Operating Hours: mon-wed: 9:30AM-18:00PM wed-sun: 09:30-21:00PM


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